Bone broth is a delicious and nutritious concentrate made by slow-simmering bones in water, along with simple vegetables and herbs, for long periods of time.

Consumed as a source of nourishment across cultures for centuries, and continuing to hold a predominant role in traditional and professional kitchens around the world, bone broth is a staple in due to its unsurpassed flavour and nutritional value.

We know you can make it yourself, and encourage you to do so, but we also know that many people don’t have the time to make their own bone broth.

Our bone broth is slow food made convenient for people who care about what they eat and what they feed their families.

Find our STOCK EXCHANGE Bone Broth in the freezer section of your favourite specialty grocer and health food stores.

This is mindful nourishment.

Chicken Bone Broth: humanely raised organic free-range chickens, organic lemons, responsibly grown organic onions, carrots and celery, turmeric, thyme, bay leaves and black peppercorns – slow-simmered for 24 hours in filtered water.

Beef Bone Broth: humanely raised organic grass-fed beef bones, organic apple cider vinegar, responsibly grown organic onions, carrots, celery, turmeric, thyme and rosemary, bay leaves and black peppercorns – slow-simmered for 24 hours in filtered water.

Gently heat and sip from a mug as a healthy alternative to coffee or tea, or use it to add nutrition and flavour to soup, sauces and in rice, grains and pasta.

We do not add salt to our pots – so that you can, and season to your preference.

Since bone broth is so concentrated you may wish to dilute with water:

for drinking, we recommend doubling, and turning this half litre into 1L

for cooking, we suggest stretching to a maximum of 2L

To make smaller portions of our bone broth, simply defrost a container of our concentrated premium bone broth in your fridge or by gently warming it. Then pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it! The next time you’re craving a mug of sipping broth, or want to boost the flavour and nutritional profile of a home-cooked meal, toss a few cubes in your cup and fill with hot water! We’re all about providing you with convenient slow food and these little cubes can make incorporating bone broth into your already full life, even easier.

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